A Black Psychologist's Printable For Anti-Racist White Allyship Online & In Real Life

This is a hybrid of things. 
It’s unorthodox.
It is a starting point for answers though, for white people who are well-intentioned, uninformed and want to directly center the work of a black clinical psychologist who is in a unique position to keep it real about the experience, science, and behavior of the human mind. 

One Booklet: Pay What You Want

What To Expect

  • Briefly explore the historical context of how we got here
  • Reflect on individual beliefs, biases, and responsibility 
  • Take action to change yourself and institutions that reinforce systematic racism

About Dr.Barbara Shabazz

Dr. Barbara Ford Shabazz is a clinical psychologist and personal + executive coach. With a Doctoral degree (Psy.D.), she has spent 20+ years working with women and men in therapy and students in the classroom. She is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, author and darn-good professional. Learn more about personal sessions at IntentionalActivities.com

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